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Introduction of Zainabu

Jambo! ( Hello!)

My name is Zainabu, originally from Tanzania. I speak Swahili, a national language and a unifying language in Tanzania (there are more than 120 ethnic languages in Tanzania). Swahili is also spoken in African Great Lakes Region, and in parts of Eastern and Southern Africa.

Tanzania is very diversfied culturally, the food culture also varies somehow by regions. I come from Northern part of Tanzania, what I would like to share in my cooking is mostly what I have learned from my grandmother and my mother while growing up.

I like to cook and share Swahili traditional dishes with others. Also to Interact and exchange ideas.

Please join me in my lessons as I introduce you to experience the taste of Swahili people delicious dishes and culture.

Karibu! (Welcome!)



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    Sep 2016

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    Sep 2016

    ★ Pick up レビュー Thank you for teaching about Swahili dishes and culture ..I love Swahili dishes especially WALI NA MCHUZI WA KUKU.. Im going to cook for my family ..I had a very good time ..Im looking forward to next lesson ..