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Introduction of Suad





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    May 2017

    I had a great time today! Suad and her husband were very nice persons. And saudi arabic cuisine was so delicious! I learned about Saudi Arabia.Saudi Arabia is very beautiful country ! I would like to visit Saudi Arabia someday !!!
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    May 2017

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    Apr 2017

    I had a lovely time learning how to cook Saudi food and about Saudi culture!! Our host was very cheerful and warm. I would definitely take this class again! :-) Thank you for having us!!
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    Apr 2017

    It was my first time attending Tadaku lesson, and my choice was RIGHT! Since Suad-san and her husband warmly welcomed us with great hospitality and welcoming atmosphere, we were able to enjoy Saudi cooking and also have interesting conversation about their culture. I definitely will take your class again! Thank you Suad-san!
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    Apr 2017

    Just right now I came back home. You, the both of you made my day today, thank you so much! I really enjoyed everything what you kindly afforded us. I love your special performance burning a small piece of charcoal in a big pan to make the rice more tasty, and also I like the big portion of cake baked with dates and also cookies that made me so happy. In most of case the people from the Middle East always tried to make muhallabia that made me a little bit bored. The spicy coffee was also a very good refreshment for us. I'm looking forward to attending your next lesson!