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Introduction of Steve

American born and raised in the great Midwestern state of South Dakota which is home to agriculture and tourism with attractions such as Mt. Rushmore, wild American Buffalo, and the great Black Hills region. I grew up in a typical American family with traditional dishes that were created with local farm raised agriculture and produce. In my early years as a teenager I began cooking and baking dishes shared by my family and many other chefs in the region. Prior to moving to Tokyo last year, I resided in New York City for over 25 years where I learned many culinary dishes from local and world-renowned chefs in America, Europe, and Asia. This experience provides me with homegrown American cooking and internationally culinary knowledge.
Let’s become friends, share our cultures, and have fun cooking together! I wish to share with you my passion and delicious recipes of my birthplace and greater USA. Please join me for a fun and rewarding cooking experience that will leave you wanting to share the same with your family and friends!


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    Feb 2020

    Thank you for your kind lesson! We really enjoyed your cooking and conversation! I’ll try this recipe for party 🎉
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    Feb 2020

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    Feb 2020

    3回目の参加でしたが、今回は私が思う「これぞアメリカ料理!!」でした。 英語はそこそこの私ですが、とにかく楽しかったです。 明るい雰囲気の中、丁寧にレシピを教えて頂き、色々な楽しい話も聞かせてもらえました。 また違うメニューでも参加したいです:)
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    Feb 2020

    Steve's cooking class was really fun. Steve's traditional American cuisine was surprisingly simple and easy. I want to learn another recipe again.
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    Jan 2020

    I had a lot of fun of cooking and chatting in this class! There are nice view, interior and kitchen. I felt so comfortable. I could make roast lemon chicken perfectly, this is my first try to cook this though. Also it’s easy to make gravy sauce. The taste was great. I will definitely try it in my house, then make a party!haha Anyway thank you for this lesson and tell us interesting story you met these days:) I really felt bland new! I hope we’ll meet soon. See you again!
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    Jan 2020

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    Jan 2020

    アメリカの食文化を知れて良かったです。ローストチキンは初めてだっだので、驚きの連続でした。 実際に手 も動かせて、お話も出来て 、美味しくいただいて、とても楽しい時間でした。
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    Jan 2020

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    Dec 2019

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    Dec 2019

    初めてTadaku に参加しました。英語は得意ではないのですが親切に実習しながらの進め方なので料理のレシピは理解出来ました。是非家で再現したいと思います。