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Introduction of Shweta


I am Shweta and I am an Indian. I come from a beautiful place called Goa. Known for its beaches and tropical monsoon climate, it is a paradise if you love anything and everything with coconut and of course sea food.
I lived with my grandparents for most part of my life and that is where the love for food and learning the art of cooking began. My grandmother taught me to make some delicious everyday meals and I was always encouraged to try out and experiment in order to learn the use of spices.
Eventually, I started to read about the various type of cuisine made throughout India. The fun and interesting part is that food can change in flavor and in the way of preparation in India with every 500 km or so given the huge diversity, no two states have the same way of cooking everyday meals.
Growing up I ate a lot of South Indian cuisine as my parents are from South part of India, but since getting married, I have had the pleasure of learning and cooking a lot of coastal food which includes roasting some aromatic spices and grinding them to paste with coconut which is later added to the gravy.
My cooking style however has diversified, there are days when my lunch consists of dishes from different states in India such as Punjab, West Bengal, and Maharashtra or Rajasthan.
In my classes, I am going to make a menu which consists a meal from different parts of India.



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    Mar 2019

    本当に寒い日の那須塩原なのにも関わらず、食卓を囲む空間はまさに南インドでした。南インドのスパイス使いが 学べました。 ホストはとても良い方で、私が言わんとしていることを一生懸命理解しようとしてくれて嬉しかったです。