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Introduction of Shouq

Hello, I am shouq from Saudi Arabia I hope to meet you for a lovely cooking class and also to have a cultural exchange with you !

Looking forward to have great cooking time

Let's enjoy a Saudi Cuisine



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    Jun 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー 楽しく色々な話をしながら、美味しいお料理が完成していきました。ステレオタイプな情報が殆どなサウジアラビアですが、実際に話を聞くと行ってみたくなりました。異文化体験度、満点です。
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    Jun 2017

    Thank you for your wonderful lesson. Your teachig is so so wonderful, I just enjoyed the fantastic time with you and other students!
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    Jun 2017

    Saudi Arabia was a kind of unfamiliar country before the lesson. But now it becomes very close to me. The food is tasty and Shouq-san and her family are very nice. I enjoyed not only cooking but also talking about Arabian culture and family. Thank-you!
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    Jun 2017

    Today is my first Saudi culture experience, and I learned and enjoyed a lot of spices and nuts with casual talks, thank you very much.
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    May 2017

    Thank you for the wonderful lesson.Shouq san is very friendly .It was great opportunity to learn saudi cuisine!I'd like to take her lesson again.
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    May 2017

    初めてのサウジアラビア料理、美味しかったです。 ご主人もお友達もいていといろとおしゃべりできて有意義なひと時でした。楽しかったです
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    May 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー All dishes looks so good and tasty, and Shouq-San is well prepared, so everything went smoothly. Today was her first Tadaku lesson! That's amazing!! "Kabsa"is one of rice dishes, and that was not so spicy, if you don't like spicy foods,you can eat tasty, I think... Although my English is poor, she understand me well. Thank you so much.Shouq-San!
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    May 2017

    フレンドリーな先生で、凄く楽しかったです! 先生の手際がとてもよくて、お料理もサクサクできあがったので、お話しが色々と伺えてよかったです。 もちろん、お料理もとてもおいしかったですよ。