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Introduction of Sajda

Hello my dear guests!

My name is Sajda. I love cooking traditional Uzbek food, one of the jewels of Central Asian cuisine.

Traditional Uzbek cuisine has evolved on the cross-roads of Silk road, matching different flavors, distant tastes and incredibly healthy meals emerging from the times of Silk Road period, elements of which extend from China to Europe.

Tastes of Uzbek Cuisine is exotic, colorful and an absolute must to try.

Please, join me and I will be glad to teach you the techniques and little secrets of how to prepare authentic Uzbek food, and also introduce you the pearls of Uzbek culture.


Introduction of Sajda by Tadaku




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    Jul 2017

    I went to hostess home at first time. Cuisine was so delicious and A hostess was such a charming parson. I would love to cooking once again .
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    Jul 2017

    今日は本当に楽しいクラスをありがとうございました! ウェルカムドリンクでいただいたベリーやチェリーの手作りジュースに始まり、すべての料理が味わい深く美味しくて感動しました。 サラダ、前菜、メイン、デザートと一つ一つ家でも再現したいです。 先生の明るいお話も楽しくてあっという間の時間でした。 またクラスがあったら是非参加したいと思っています。
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    Oct 2016

    Thank you so much for everything what you have done for us today. You made my day, and I was really feeling like at home by you while cooking or charring or tasting and so on though. I am looking forward to seeing you again and can't wait to see what's going in on in our next class. See you soon!
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    Oct 2016

    Thank you so much for today's lesson! It was so much fun to prepare all dishes. You are an amazing host. I really liked how you taught and managed all! どの料理もすごく楽しく作れました。覚えやすいし、彼女の教え方も良かったです!ハラルの肉をちゃんと調理したのもはじめてで、今日はいろんなことを体験できました。ウズベキスタンの話すごく面白かったです。今日はごちそうさまでした :)
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    Oct 2016

    I'm really afraid to say this, but I had no idea how to leave my comment directly on the website. And now I found the instruction to know how to do it. Sorry for that! Yesterday I tried to cook the Uzbek pilaf what you taught us on last Saturday. I love this so much! Maybe next time hopefully we can try to learn how to prepare for Uzbek tea ceremony by yours. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you!!
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    Oct 2016

    Thank you for teaching Uzbek cuisine, Sajda! They are awesome! I love it! I'm looking forward to the next your class.
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    Oct 2016

    Sajda san :) Thank you for terrific experience today! I really enjoyed Uzbekistan cuisine and warm hearted time. Hope to join your class soon!