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Introduction of Safwan

<< The best host tip is to have really good food and some good music.>>

I’m a Syrian with a Japanese heart.

I was born in a city where food is the best way to get close to some one’s heart (Aleppo). I currently live with my extended family in Kameoka city. And with having the chance to eat Syrian food almost every day, I have been thinking of spreading the joy to people around me.

Until I came by Tadaku website, I used to find it hard to invite people to cooking sessions. But people on this website (hosts and those who are attending lessons) are giving courage to take this step.

Friends who came to my house before liked the food and admired its uniqueness.

The place is my house, the cook is my Mom, and the translators are me and my wife. And you will definitely be our great lovely guests.




ある程度広いリビングで 4・5 名まで、大家族で歓迎し、レッスンは日本語・英語・アラビア語で行えます。



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