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Introduction of roberto

Hi there, Im a professional chef in mexican and french cuisine, i been working in restaurants since the last 9 years, i do really love mexican food and french as well.

i been working in london for 8 years, working there i have been realised that foreigners love real mexican food and not just the classical burritos and nachos, i do really want to share my skills and my fod with you, i want to teach you how to make mexican food at your own home, with ingredients you can find in japan.

Traditional mexican food its a human heritage by the unesco, and you dont really need to travel to mexico to taste it. Now you can make it by your own

Muchas gracias y see you soon


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    Jun 2017

    It was fun class. I wonna take it again!
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    Jun 2017

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    Jun 2017

    Roberto さんはホスピタリティあふれるレッスンで楽しめます。タコスのバリエーションは美味しくパーティにぴったりです!Roberto さんありがとう! MT
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    Jun 2017

    ROBERTOさん。 楽しいレッスンをありがとうございました。参加者みんなで作り上げた料理教室という感じでした。 トルティーヤの生地作りは思った以上に力がいるのですね。 また、新しいメニューも期待しています。
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    Jun 2017

    家庭でも作れるよう丁寧に分かりやすく教えて頂きました。メキシコの音楽を聴きながらの楽しく美味しい時間でした。また是非参加したいです。 Muchas gracias Roberto. ¡Estaba todo delicioso!
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    Jun 2017

    本当に美味し、楽しかった! I really appreciate to teach us cooking delicious tacos! I quite feel nostalgic my California life! gracias!
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    May 2017

    Thank you, Roberto! It was really nice to know a real Mexican food!
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    May 2017

    楽しい時間を過ごすことが出来ました!!料理もおいしく、トルティーヤがとても簡単につくれることがしれて嬉しかったです!!! そして一緒にレッスンを受けた方々もみなさん良い方ばかりで楽しく過ごせました!!
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    May 2017

    All i can say is FUN and delicious! Roberto was very professional and efficient. The class was full of people but he jumped in every table and being great teacher. Appreciate all the foods and his original comment. One other thing that i was impressed was the girls were in the class, they helped each other for supporting class. I had really great experience. I would like to take his class again soon. Gracias and hasra pronto. Masae