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Introduction of Rashmi





Hello My dear friends,

My name is Rashmi Gurucharan. Welcome to my Indian kitchen.



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    Sep 2018

    I really enjoyed it and had a great experience. Rashmi-san teaches us step by step with clear English so now I feel I can make South-Indian foods easily. Rashmi-san and her husband are so friendly. There kids are so cute! Thank you very much for your lesson, Rashmi-san! I'll see you again in the very near future!
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    Sep 2018

    Thank you for your good lesson.The meal was a little spicy for me, but very delicious. I had a spiced buttermilk at first time. I like it. You and your family are friendly and kindness. I had nice time today. Thank you so much!
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    Sep 2018

    Thak you for your kindness. All foods are very delicious. And, daughtes and your husband are kind too, I could be reluxed and enjoyed cooking very well. A little spicy but very helthy, I like that tasts. Thanks a lot!!
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    Apr 2018

    先日はありがとうございました。 英語が話せなくても、コミュニケーションをして頂けました。旦那さんは日本語も話せて、意思疎通を助けてくれました。 自分の名前をカナダ語で書いてくれて、面白かったです。またよろしくお願いします。
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    Apr 2018

    Thank you for good cooking lesson! This is my first tadaku lesson, so I was a little nervous. However, I enjoyed delicious food and speaking English with you and your family.
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    Jun 2017

    Thank you so much for the lovely time! I'm not familiar with making Indian dishes and some spices. Rashmi san always made sure that we are on the same stage during the lesson, and explained about the spices, where can we get them. Her family helps a lot for the lesson. Delicious dishes, relax atmospher, I ENJOYED A LOT!!
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    Jun 2017

    Thank you for your lesson. I enjoyed seeing and eating your cooking. The meal overall was a bit spicy for me but tasted good! I'll try to cook a milder version! Thanks again.
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    May 2017

    This was my first Biryani:) so amazing!! Her dishes make it hard for me to find better Indian food. and her husband is really helpful and good guy;)
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    May 2017

    Thank you for your class. I loved all your recipe !
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    May 2017

    It was nice lesson. She is kind and her kid also cute. We learned her culture and foods. Both is very interested me. Thank you so much:-)
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    Apr 2017

    Thank you very much for your very fun lesson. They were the contents which can be reproduced at a house. vegetable biryani was rich that there isn't meat. I want you to teach me the different menu. I make these dishes at a house again.
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    Apr 2017

    家庭で再現できる南インド料理 Rashimiさんは南インドご出身で、教えていただいたお料理も、南インド系です。 ビリヤニも、以前YouTubeで見たときにはそれはそれは大変そうなプロセスでしたが、今回教えていただいた方法は、家庭で簡単に本格的なビリヤニを作ることができます。目からウロコでした。正直名古屋市内のインド料理の店よりも全然おいしいです。 とても優しいお人柄で、とても気を遣っていただき本当にありがとうございました。また暖かくなったらドーサの作り方も教えてください。 Thank you Rashmi san. Cooking with Rashmi san at her comfortable kitchen with conversation was fun! I learned a lot about Indian food based on Ayurvedic knowledge, such as what food will bring body temperature down and up, and the effects of spices. It's not only about taste but also about health. The food was delicious. It's a very homemade style so you can eat it every day. Not like restaurant Indian food. Thanks again, it was a great opportunity!
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    Apr 2017