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Introduction of Rana

hi my name is Rana i am from egypt from a city called Mansoura its near to Cairo which the capital of Egypt which is famous with the pyramids and pharounic museam.

i used to cook egyption food mainly learned from my mum. i mainly know that most japanese peaple loved egyption food ,so i reaaly loved the aim from tadaku is that to make people how do we cook and know whats our culture in cooking and eating. I am really looking forward to make u know how we cook. i will also talk with u on egypt and will show photos of very beautiful places in it.

thank u


Introduction of Rana by Tadaku




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    Nov 2016

    Thank You Rana. 未知のエジプト料理レッスンと異文化交流で、充実した時間を過ごせました。英語は得意ではないけれど、参加して良かったです。
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    Nov 2016

    It was a really fun lesson and I enjoyed it. I love those Egyptian dishes. I'll try to cook them by myself soon. Thank you for your warm hospitality and your instruction for today!
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    Nov 2016

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    Nov 2016

    お陰様で今日はとても楽しい1日になりました。何なるグラタンかな?と思ったら挽肉の部分がケバブ味で美味しかったです。エジプト風焼き鳥もタレが浸み込んでいて美味しかったです。帰りにスパイスのお土産を頂いたり、1歳の可愛い息子さんに会えて良かったです♪I really appreciated everything what you have done for us. And also thanks for some souvenirs... filled with mint leaves and hibiscus tea. Thank you so much! Yes, you are very cheerful enough but also funny because you have crushed almonds by using a special machine as if you were working at the construction place, or ... cut vegetables without using board and so on. We really enjoyed and laughed so much with you. You made my day today! And I will never forget about you also next year! Have a Happy New Year 2017!