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Introduction of Ramya





Konnichiwa! This is Ramya from India, a country having high degree of diversity in cultural and geography but still united by love. I come from IT city ‘Bengaluru’ located in southern India; also called as “Silicon Valley of India”. In India most of the girls are blessed with cooking skills, either inspired by their moms or on their own interest. In a similar way I got inspired by mom & aunt’s cooking, I love cooking both old traditional dishes and new dishes (only vegetarian). My biggest reward was ‘satisfied smile on my husband & friends face’ whenever they used to taste my dishes which inspired me to be part of Tadaku and I am really grateful for this opportunity!!

I am an engineering graduate with 4 years of IT experience, and currently living in Japan along with my husband. I love watching movies, travelling and making new friends... One more important thing about me is I love talking and meeting new people. I am lucky that I could make few Japanese friends by whom I learnt little bit about Japanese language & culture. I really adore and admire the humble gesture and sincerity of Japanese people.

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ is a Sanskrit verse which means treat your guest similar to God. I strongly believe in above verse and will try my best to assure you the taste of real India. I would like to warmly welcome to my kitchen for fun filled cooking classes. Let us chat about Indian heritage while enjoying the delicious South-Indian Vegetarian cuisines. Arigato Gozaimashta.



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    Nov 2016

    Ramyaさん ありがとうございました。 インド料理を本当に知りました。 カレーだけのインド料理だと思っていた事が違うと言う事も解り、本当に素晴らしかったです。 またぜひ参加ししたいです。
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    Oct 2016

    Ramya san Thank you for your cooking lesson, I really had a wonderful time with you! I will try to cook some dishes for my family. I am looking forward to seeing you next time. Ramyaさんはとても親切で笑顔が素敵なかわいい方でした。インド料理の、特にスパイスについて色々教えてくださいました。しつこくなく身体にいいヘルシーな料理で、とても勉強になりました。ありがとうございました。
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    Sep 2016

    Ramyaさん、素敵なレッスンをありがとうございました!笑顔がとても素敵で、フレンドリーに接して下さったので、楽しんでレッスンに参加することが出来ました。レシピ一つ一つを丁寧に教えて下さっただけでなく、インドの文化についても、色々なお話をしてくださり、とても興味深かったです。特に、インドの結婚についてのお話、楽しく聞かせて頂きました!最初から最後まで、芳しいスパイスの香りとRamyaさんの素敵な笑顔に包まれて幸せでした。 また次回も楽しみにしています!
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    Sep 2016