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Introduction of Pooja

Hello I am pooja tyagi born and brought up in India. By profession I am a mechanical engineer and my husband software engineer. We are staying in japan for almost 5 years .

My father was in Indian air force services so we keep on moving every five years from one city to another.thats why I tasted all diverse,flavorful,wholesome, delicious food of India.indian food is world of options.With every city even home we have its own recipes and tastes from sublime to superlative.its taste good because of clashing flavores that creat sensory explosion.

Cooking is an art. As a child I was very much interested in food. Gradually I started taking interest in cooking too.i have my cooking skills from my mother and my mother in law.They taught me and pass down family recipes by show and tell.and after quitting my job my interest in cooking is increasinging day by husband always motivate me to cook healthy and flavorful food.

As they say good food and good friend that is art of gathering.i an always interested in learning new dishes n new possible ways to cook the same is never difficult, only technique.

I always try to make a learning a fun, interesting and entertaining process .Many people and friends have influenced my on going cooking journey.

I assure you all that you will enjoy learning how to cook easy flavored color full food.we all not chef but the moments Indian spices n ingredients combine they form more delectable dish.

Let's learn and exchange culture



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