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Introduction of Pietro

CIAO! My name is Pietro, a 50 year old Italian from Bologna, living in Naha, Okinawa, since 2011, after the tsunami.

I'm a photo-journalist and that year I was traveling throughout Japan - my dream of a lifetime - to make a report about the country for an Italian travel magazine. When I was in Kyoto the tsunami came, so I changed my plans. A friend of mine suggested me to go to Okinawa, I had no idea at all about the place. Arrived in Naha, slowly slowly I fell in love with for this corner of the world. I've got married here and, after 25 years spent traveling, I decided to settle down.

I continue my photographer job, but here in Naha I started organizing Italian (and not only) food events where I teach the real dishes of my country's tradition. Got tired of fake 'Italian' food... I was influenced very much by my grandma, grandpa, mom and three aunts, all super-home-chefs from Bologna, by many considered Italy's food capital city. I love food and I love to see people enjoying it.

In Naha I also teach English to beginners, Italian and photography. I have a Japanese website where you can see most of my activities: 



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