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Introduction of Panatda


Hello My name is Panatda, my nickname is lyn, I am from Thailand. My hometown is in Mukda¬han in the north east of Thailand.

When I was a child my family owned a small restaurant and that is where my love of cooking began. My mother taught me how to select fresh vegetables and herbs from our farm to create many traditional Thai recipes. I continued to improve my cooking skill by attending vocational training in Bangkok.

I studied Thai cooking and vegetable carving for almost 3 years. During my training I learned more recipes and how to make beautiful decorations from fruit and vegetables. My cooking focuses on creating healthy dishes utilizing herbs with different qualities. I have planted Thai herbs and vegetables near my house so I can continue to use them while cooking for my family.

I would like to share my countries tradition and culture by creating delicious Thai food for you. Thank you for your consideration.



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