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Introduction of Ozlem

Hello, I am from Ankara, Turkey.


 a lecturer in literature in Turkey. I came to Japan in 2013. Since I came to Japan I cook classes in various places. The slogan will show you what kind of art it is 'touching Turkish cuisine'

By practicing in the class, you will not leave something unknown. So please be relieved. I am looking forward to spending a wonderful time with you.



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    Jan 2019

    It was really fun and I appreciate your hospitality.You're always care about us and try to adopt Japanese customs.I've learned a lot.Not only cooking but also your life style.After your class,I cleaned up my rooms.Thanks!
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    Jan 2019

    Ozlem san, Thank you for the lesson & hospitality. I liked the yogurt soup, it was very special taste. Will participate your class again.
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    Jan 2019

    今日はとても楽しく参加させていただきました。ありがとうございます。 瞳が綺麗でおしゃべりも楽しいOzlemさんはとても可愛く、日本人のような気づかいをしてくれて、また参加したいと思いました。 食事後、予定のある方は時間に帰ることもでき、時間に余裕のある方はいろいろな話題でおしゃべりすることもできます。