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Introduction of Nilanjana

Hello I am Nilanjana from India. I bought up in the beautiful city of Kolkata,as it is called 'the city of joy'. Kolkata is famous for its foods and culture and this is the perfect place for the food lovers. I am living in Tokyo from the year 2014 with my husband.

Cooking is my passion. I love cooking and love to meet with new people and getting to know about different cultures.
I believe that exchanging culture is the best way to know each other and I also believe that every time we meet a new person there is always something new to learn.
If you love to eat Indian food and want to learn Indian cooking in a easiest way and want to know about Indian culture then you are in the right place.
In our class you will learn many types of Indian food like " traditional bengali cuisine ( including lots of Bengali sweets) which I learn from my mom,authentic Indian food(north Indian, South Indian, mughlai, awadhi, hydrabadi, indo-Chinese),some food which is my own creation & many more famous Indian street food", made with all the fresh and natural ingredients.
I would love to welcome all the guest in my house and get to know about the Indian culture, cuisine and exchange ideas and I would love to know about their culture too.



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    Aug 2018

    Thank you for your lesson.All food s were so delicious and thank you for teach me many things about Bengal.
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    May 2018

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    May 2018

    三種類のカレー、今までインド料理レストランでは味わった事のない、深く贅沢な味の美味しいカレーでした!!こんな美味しいカレーが家で作れたら最高です。先生も凄くフレンドリーで優しい方で、また他のレッスンも是非参加したいです。 Niranjana-san,Thank you so much for the lesson. I really enjoyed my first Indian food lesson. All of the curry taste so delicious and had rich flavor! Now I’m intersted in dishes of Bengal region so will definitely take another class when I visit Tokyo next time :)
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    Nov 2017

    Nilanjanaさん、昨日は楽しいレッスンを有難うございました。ビリヤニ はこだわりのスパイスやお花のエッセンスなど味わい深さそして…コルカタビリヤニ の感動はたくさんの皆さんに体験してもらいたいです。時間を掛けて準備をしてくだり温かいおもてなしとNilanjanaのチャーミングなお人柄に英語の不安もすっかり忘れて楽しみました。色々なスパイスや調理法、盛り付けなど一つ一つに驚き楽しい体験でした。またぜひ参加したいです。
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    Oct 2017

    参加者が1名だったこともあり、マンツーマンで丁寧に教えていただきました。 材料も十分に用意され、お土産で持って替えることもできました。 笑顔が素敵な先生で、日本語は話せませんが簡単な英語でコミュニケーションをとりながら、初めてのインド料理を楽しく勉強することができました。 また機会があればお願いしたいです。
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    Jun 2017

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    Jun 2017

    コルカタのマスタードシードを使う料理が習えて嬉しかったです。 どの料理もとっても美味しかったです。ありがとうございます。
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    k n

    May 2017

    I had a great time. It was very organized and delicious class in Nishi-kasai. I hope I can join a curry class soon. Thank you for the wonderful Indian dish with a mom's touch. See ya!
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    May 2017

    昨日はありがとうございました! とても親切で可愛い先生に出逢えて感謝しています。 レッスンは分かりやすく、スパイスなども試させてくれ、料理人の私にも驚きと発見の多い充実したものでした。 是非カレーのレッスンも受けたいと思います。 Thank you for yesterday. I'm glad to have met such a kind and sweet teacher!! There lesson was easy to understand and I learned a lot, even as a chef myself. I definitely want to try the curry lesson as well.
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    Apr 2017

    日本では殆どレストランも無い東インド地方のお料理の貴重な体験をしました!! スパイスさえ手に入れておけば手軽なお魚やお野菜で難しい手順は無く日常的に作れそうです。 お味ももちろん大変美味しく、食べきれないほどタップリ作って頂き感激です! インドと一口に言っても地方によって採れる作物が全然違いお料理も地域の特徴があることが良くわかり興味深いです。 また是非参加したいクラスでした。
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    Apr 2017

    She is a really great teacher:) I love her personality too!! Her receipe are so gorgerous.I became interested in India more;) Especially I love Cebap.
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    Dec 2016

    It's good oppotunity to cook Indian food, one of my favorite. I think Calcutta style Biryani (Potato and Chicken) is good for Japanese. This is the best for me I've ever eaten. And she's very kind for teaching and easy to understand. I also enjoyed other all meals. Thank you very much.
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    Nov 2016

    Thank you for the Bengali menu. I've never heard or eat Bengali food, but now completely love them. Especially, Macher matha diye dal (Fish head & Lentil curry) -the light spicy fish taste with mild dal is a little bit familiar with Japanese taste, and Chingri malai curry(Shrimp creamy curry) -the taste of shrimp and coconuts milk was very rich and delicious. I do am looking forward to next menu from Bengal!
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    Nov 2016

    Fantastic class! First of all, Nilanjana san is very caring and welcoming host who makes you feel comfortable throughout the class. I was surprised we could make such a variety of dishes with limited spices in a short time yet each dish developed a different flavor and very tasty. She also let us take generous amount of leftover home. Obviously, flavor developed even more overnight and I could really enjoy the food with my family next day! I would strongly recommend her class and definitely will take her classes again!
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    Sep 2016

    I had a great time with Nilanjana. She taught me how to cook all tasty Indian foods from salad to dessert. The good thing about her lesson is that she always gives me a chance to try by myself. Fabulous teacher with warm heart. I'd defenitely recommend her lessons.
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    Sep 2016

    ★ Pick up レビュー " NIlanjanaさん、素敵なレッスンをありがとうございました!野菜の切り方から一つ一つ丁寧に教えてくださったため、料理の苦手な私でも作る事が出来てとても嬉しかったです!特に、prawn cutletという、エビフライのような料理を作った時は、エビの処理や形づくり、そして美味しく作るコツまで横について丁寧に教えてくださったため、また自分で作ってみようという自信がつきました!味も予想していた「エビフライ」とは違い、スパイスが豊かに香るジューシーな味わいでとても感動しました。美味しかったです! 食事中も様々なインドのお話を聞かせてくださり、とても楽しいひと時を過ごすことができました。 次回も楽しみにしています!"
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    Sep 2016

    Thank you for your lesson. All you cooked were so delicious.Above all, I loved prawn cutlet best.It is also easy to cook at home. I brought the leftovers to my home and my wife ate them.She was a big fan of biriani. I hope to see you again.
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    Sep 2016

    ★ Pick up レビュー 初めての参加でしたので緊張しましたが、Nilanjanaさんはとてもチャーミングな女性で、他の参加者の方々も話しやすい雰囲気でしたので、楽しくレッスンを受けられました。たっぷりの量のお料理が作れるよう準備してくださっていたので、おなかいっぱいになりました。タッパーをもっていけば良かった! Hi, Nilanjana! I really enjoyed my first Tadaku lesson. Thank you for letting me know a good Indian restaurant and Indian grocery store.