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Become a host

Teach authentic food from your country at your home

What is Tadaku?

Foreigners in Japan host casual home cooking parties to teach their own country's cuisine and share their culture.

What is Tadaku?

Host at your home

Tadaku lessons are very casual, like home cooking parties.

Get paid

You could earn more than ¥30,000 per lesson.

Set your schedule

You can host as much or little as you like.

Words from our hosts

Tip さん

"During classes, I feel a kind
of pure happiness I
can't find anywhere else."

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Woo yong さん

"I love cooking authentic Korean food using fresh Japanese ingredients and sharing it with others."

Zsuzsa さん

"It's inspiring to meet people on the other side of the world who are interested in your country."

Anyone can join as a host!

English is fine!

Many of our hosts teach in English, so you don't need to speak Japanese!

You don't need a big home!

If you can comfortably fit 2-3 guests in your home, you'll be fine!

You're insured!

We provide ¥100 million in insurance for your peace of mind.

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