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Introduction of Neha

Namaste, I am Neha kumari Singh. I was born in Patna (East India),brought up in Hyderabad (South India) and got married in Jaipur( North West India).Living in different parts of India helped me understanding its various culture and cousine. I can cook North, South, East and West Indian food very well. Cooking is my hobby and I love experimenting with my dishes. Personally I love sweets.I prefer fresh vegitables, fruits and herbs in all my dishes. Apart from cooking I enjoy practicing Yoga, swimming, travelling and learning Japanese. I am an Engineering graduate. I am living in Japan for almost five years with three years of work experience in Japanese company. I have also worked as an English teacher in International pre school for some time and love kids. I can communicate in Japanese as well. My family consists of me, my husband and years old son. I believe that every time we meet a new person, there is something interesting to learn. I hope, we will have a wonderful experience of learning together.



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    Feb 2017

    Thank you for your amazing preparition and hospitality. I and all the friends of mine were totally satisfied with Neha's cooking class and enjoyed cooking and chatting with her a lot. She is just lovely,charming, friendly and ensthiastic for teaching how to cook her Indian food. The meals we had were nice and delicious. They made us impressed so much. Thank you so much your great hospitality, food and smile, Neha: ) Let us come and see your class again some other time.
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    Oct 2016

    Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to join your lesson. I had never had chances to learn to cook Indian cuisine from a navitive Indian, so I was very happy to be there. Especially what I was interested in and liked the most was your Mame Curry. It really had good aroma while I was grinding the spices and I enjoyed all the process. I will try to review the recipe you provided and will cook the curry from scratch like you instructed us. Thank you again, Neha-san!
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    Sep 2016

    ★ Pick up レビュー Thank you so much for the wonderful lesson. We learned about spices for the first time, but you intelligibly taught us each taste and effectiveness, so we could understand. It was fascinating to know about various spices ( we saw their original shape for the first time!) and they are very healthy for us. And what 's more , every dish was amazingly delicious. The mame curry was the best curry I have eaten. The mango dessert was very good, too. It was also nice to know about Indian culture, especially the Indian wedding culture was very interesting for us.
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    Sep 2016

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    木村 碧

    Sep 2016

    I really enjoyed your story about Indian culture, food and music. Your cuisine was also great, and especially the Dal Makhni was the most delicious curry that I had ever eaten. I want to eat them again. You were very kind and I was glad to receive your warm welcome. Thank you so much for your lesson, Neha!!!
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    Sep 2016

    Thank you for your lesson, Neha!! I really enjoyed your lesson! Especially, I love your curry!! Also, the cultural differences between Indian states you told us was interesting! I want to go to India more and more!