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Introduction of Naphtali

Hi! My name is Naphtali, I was born and raised in Kenya before moving to USA and later becoming a citizen. I learned how to cook from my parents and grand parents who are renown for their skills. I have 5 years combined experience of cooking for different events and functions. Sessions in my kitchen are about learning to prepare traditional food, having fun and learning the culture behind it. The aim is to give you the warm experience of an urban Kenyan family in the kitchen preparing their food together.

The ugali and sukuma wiki are a stapled food to Kenya and are usually consumed a lot by reknowed long distance runners during their practice season. The food is not only healthy but also so delicious! Welcome to my kitchen, please book a date and lets cook together!!



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    Oct 2016

    All the recipes are so easy to follow and yet tasted great! Two thumbs up and highly recommended!
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    Harune Hosoda

    Sep 2016

    ★ Pick up レビュー Hi, it was great seeing you! Thank you very much for today's lesson. It was my first time to cook and eat Kenyan food. It was amazingly delicious yet easy to prepare. I will cook them again home soon. I strongly recommend taking his class! ウェルカムドリンクのフルーツジュースのおかげですぐにリラックスできました。ものすごく長身の方で、始めはびっくりしましたが、物腰の柔らかい、気さくで優しい方でした。 教えてくれる料理はすべてケニアのご両親から学んだそうで、どれも日本人好みな味つけで美味しかったです。アメリカ海軍に勤められてるそうでお一人で住まれてる一軒家の内装はまるでアメリカのようでした!素敵な1日をありがとうございます^^
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    Ayumi Ono

    Sep 2016

    ★ Pick up レビュー お話上手でおもてなし精神が高い、とても素敵なホストでした。ケニア料理も初めての経験でしたが、こんなに食べやすいとは知らず、思わずたくさんたべてしまいました(笑) 料理の作り方もシンプルなものが多かったので、自宅で再チャレンジしてみたいなと思います!都心からは少し離れた立地にありますが、遠くても行く価値がある、楽しいレッスンでオススメです!!