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Introduction of Martin

I grew up in a three generation home. And a very traditional one, too. My grandmother and mother held the kitchen like a stronghold for females. There seemed to be an invisible sign across the kitchen door: "NO MEN ALLOWED".

It was only when I was married that I started cooking. It was so much fun! And then my wife injured her foot and was not able to do kitchen work at all. So she taught me step by step: cooking and baking. By the time she was well again I was a confident cook.
We have a saying in Germany: "Liebe geht durch den Magen." "Love reaches the heart through the stomach." That is: delicious food.
In my cooking events I want to share this vision and what I learned especially with men. Let's get together and become men that every once in a while surprise our families with great German cooking.
「Liebe geht durch den Magen」というドイツ語のことわざがあります。「愛は胃を通して心に伝わる」という意味です。おいしい料理が心に伝わるのです。



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