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Introduction of Mamta

Hi, I'm Mamta! I'm Indian, vegetarian and moved to Tokyo in July 2016. My food journey has been a traditional and a fusion mix. I grew up in an Indian family in Hong Kong. Growing up, I'd have Indian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Though lunch *not quite*, if I had a chance, I'd exchange it with a friend any day as long as it was vegetarian too! And over time, learnt a lot of my cooking from my friends and their parents as well.

I love food, cooking & eating both at home and out would love to share my passion for food with you.

In our day to day, with busy schedules, we need shortcuts while making delicious food. So I like to try to make food easy to cook, while retaining the most authentic flavors possible. I would love to share my shortcuts, tips and techniques with you. Let's cook together :)



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    Sep 2017

    The dish for which wonderful of the spice was utilized was very good also interesting. Thank you very much for your good and fun lesson!
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    Jul 2017

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    Jul 2017

    Thank you very much for having such a great time. I made butter chicken and tandoori vegetables! Also, I made Paneer from milk. Me and my husband love Paneer. I want to join the lesson again!
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    Jun 2017

    Thank you for your wonderful class It become very happy day for me. She is very kind and specialist of spices.
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    Jun 2017

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    Jun 2017

    お野菜たっぷりスパイスたっぷりのとても美味しいメニューでした! 別のお料理も是非習いたいです ありがとうございました!
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    Jun 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー Mamta-san was very kind in teaching me about various ingredients and particular way of cooking through hands on experience. The food was very flavourful and I particularly loved those crispy parts of the biriyani! I enjoyed very much chatting about ourselves and our cross-cultural experiences too. Thank you for the wonderful session!
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    Mar 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー Thank you Mamuta, your recipe was very tasty. Yoyr table entertained us with beautiful colors and tasty dishes. I will make delicious dishes with your spices.
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    Mar 2017

    I really enjoyed indian food and communication at very relaxing cozy place. I will try today's recipe at home. Thank you!
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    Feb 2017

    Thank you so much for having a great lunch time with me, Mamta san!! All dishes you told me how to cook was really healthy, and easy to retry at my home. A lot of Indian spices you showed me was also interesting for me. I would definitely cook them again at home:) thank you :))
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    Feb 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー Mamta's lesson was very informative, and the recipes were extremely easy to follow! I've already made three of them just a few days since taking the class, and my family loved them! I appreciate learning how to cook dishes that are yummy and not too complicated. I hope to take another class with Mamta!