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Introduction of Lei Lei Win



仏教の国ミャンマーでは色々な面白い物、面白いことが 沢山 あります。 例えば:水掛祭り、熱帯国ミャンマーでの独特な巻きスカート、世界でミャンマーでしか食べられないお茶の葉サラダなどを

Hello, my name is Lei Lei Win from Myanmar, one of the South East Asian countries.
I have lived in Japan since 2006, after getting married to a Japanese citizen.
Now I have 3 children and live in Kawagoe, Saitama prefecture.
As my place is in Saitama and I cannot go to Tokyo, where there are quite a lot of Myanmar restaurants, with 3 kids whenever I want to eat Home country cuisines. So, I have to cook from A to Z. Whenever I cook, I invite my Japanese friends and share my foods with neighbors.
(We, Myanmar people, have lovely customs. When we cook special foods, we invite some friends and share with neighbors. ) I do the same way even in Japan.
From those who have had my Myanmar homemade foods, they always said `Sooooooo yummy! Why don`t you do a restaurant?!
From those words, I was thinking what if I do a small cooking class at home? Then, I practically started 2 years ago. It has become popular time by time and some of my clients are repeaters by now.
Not only for the people near around me, but also for the people who are far away, I would like all of them to taste such a delicious Myanmar homemade foods. Therefore, I became a Tadaku host.  

Since there are plenty of interesting things in Myanmar such as pickled tea salad, round-longyi skirt how to wear, water festival, the hospitality of Myanmar Buddhism country, etc,……..let`s enjoy chit-chatting about those interesting Myanmar culture while cooking at my place.   
Hoping to see you.
Lei Lei



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    Mar 2020

    Lei Lei さんの料理を教えるキャリアは長く、とてもわかりやすく、ていねいです。会話をしながら楽しく調理できました。ミャンマー料理は油が多いイメージの人も多いかもしれませんが、Lei Lei さんの料理は油分控えめ。今回学んだメニューは特に野菜がたっぷりで、とてもヘルシーでした。豆の粉などミャンマー独自の食材も使用しましたが、詳しく説明してくださり、購入できる店舗も聞くことができます。そして食事をしながら、ミャンマーの地域別の料理の特徴、ミャンマーの文化、観光名所なども教えてもらいました。おいしい料理を食べながら、興味深いミャンマーをたっぷり知ることができました。