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Introduction of Kese

Hello friends. I am Kese Montsho from Botswana. A country known as the 'Jewel of Africa' with it's diamonds. Having traveled around the world I realize that our local cuisine is very unique, less spicy, nutritious and very tasty. Botswana prides itself as one of the best beef producers in the world. Our dishes are mostly served with beef.Offal dishes such as Oxtail are very popular and often served during festive occasions.

One dish which can be eaten at any time or situation is Porridge, also called Bogobe. It’s made with sorghum, maize or millet flour. Sometimes the sorghum is fermented and it's name changes to “Ting”

I look forward to having an opportunity to show you how to prepare these tasty dishes, which we do with traditional utensils.



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