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Introduction of Jyothi

I am Jyothi, from India, and i am living in Tokyo for the last one year. I simply love cooking and want to try so many varieties of tastes. I come from a family of professional chefs. My father is a professional chef and I learnt many things from him. In India there are so many types of dishes depending on where you live and I did learn quite a lot from my travels throughout India and I love creating new dishes and new tastes as well based on the locally available ingredients (I like improvising!!).

Here in Japan many people eat in Indian hotels which are quite expensive and not so authentic. In my classes you can learn how to cook Indian food at home which is not only tasty and healthy but also inexpensive.

I prefer making everything from basic ingredients and make sure everything is home made.

So come and enjoy wonderful culture and food.







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    Jan 2017

    料理が美味しかったのはもちろん、いろんなスパイスが出てきて、とっても興味深かったです! またjyothiさんの人柄、可愛いアリア君、優しい旦那様のおかげで楽しいクラスになりました。
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    Nov 2016

    Thank you for your today 's lesson. I had a great time with your family n my friend:) I was interested in the cooking very much. Because these dishes made by many vegetables n spices. And also I enjoyed your experience about India. I would like to join the next time as soon as possible.