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Introduction of Jeroen

Hi i am Jeroen from The Netherlands. I am now living in Kyoto for a few months and find it interesting to get to know new people. I love to share the food of my country with Japanese people. I hope you join my cooking classes where i teach you how to make Dutch food



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    Sep 2017

    Thank you for having today's special lesson just for me. As no other participants together, I was a little bit nervous before I met you. But my anxious had gone when I was welcomed nice friendly couple :). Those food was so nice. I can find those ingredients in Japan, and the way of cooking is not difficult. I'm happy now I know Netherland way of flavoring with many herbs. I'll try them by myself! Thank you again for beautiful photos and interesting stories about Netherland and other countries in Europe.c I had no idea about Netherland but image of ctulip and wind wheels before I met you, now I feel Netherland more close to me, want to visit someday.
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    Sep 2017

    This was the first time of my tadaku. He was familiar with cooking of his recipe. It was interesting to teach me some useful tricks for Dutch food. It was fun time.Thank you.