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Introduction of Jaime

Hi everyone! Please call me Jun and I'm quite eager to introduce to you some Filipino home-cooked dishes. I have been into cooking since I was small. To me, cooking for my family or for home quests is not a chore but an expresssion of my passion to share.  Sharing of food is one of the distinct culture of Filipinos that often surprise others - we readily share food to people that the expressions "Let's eat" and "Have you eaten?" have actually become common greetings.  

I studied at Waseda University and have lived in Japan for 13 years, though my Japanese is still not good due to my work and home environment.  I have my wife and 2 small kids living with me.  Owing to the lack of Filipino restaurants in Japan, we have been hosting home parties to our Japanese and foreign friends as a way to introduce Filipino dishes and culture.  

Through Tadaku, I hope to meet more Japanese and offer you a taste of our rich cuisine and culture.  Onegaishimasu!



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