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Introduction of Hema

Hello Friends

I am Hema Bora from New Delhi, India. I am a biologist by profession but love cooking and eating different cuisines. I love experimenting with foods and fusion of ingredients. I am also interested in sharing Indian culture and cuisines, learning new things and making new friends.

It will be my pleasure to have friends come over to my place to enjoy cooking, eating nonetheless a lot of chatting and sharing ideas!


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    Jan 2018

    Thank you for your hospitality, Hema-san. It was great to have "homemade" Indian dishes. We really enjoyed both meal and talking. We'd like to try cooking class next time! See you soon.
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    Dec 2017

    You could spend fun time thanks to cooking loving her brightly. How to use the spice and how to bake it a chapati were study very much.
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    Dec 2017

    Hema san is really lovely host. Her dishes are so delicious. We could observe how to bake breads. She is very smart so we learned many things for the short period. I would like to join again. So see you soon.
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    Nov 2017

    Thank you for lovely dinner. Everyting was delicious. I really enjoyed eating Indian dishies and chatting. I had a great time with your OUCHIGOHAN. See you next time! 初めての参加で少し緊張していたのですが、温かく迎えてくださり嬉しかったです。Hemaさんは日本語も話せるので、こちらが英語でうまく説明できない時などは、日本語で話すことができたので安心でした。 インドの文化や料理などの話も聞けて、面白かったです。ご家族の方もFriendlyで、プチホームステイみたいで楽しめました。また機会があればお伺いしたいです。
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    Oct 2017

    Thank you for today's arrangement!The food are yummy and they are very friendly. I enjoyed food and chatting with them very much. I would love to taking this course with them again.
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    Feb 2017

    Thank you for your hospitality. I had a nice time. I enjoyed Indian cooking and talking.I'd like to join your class again. 食材の下準備やお菓子や飲み物も用意してくださっていて、温かいおもてなしが素晴らしかったです。インドの家庭の味、調理方法が学べて、異文化交流の面でもとても楽しかったです。英語があまりできない私でも楽しく参加できました。また機会があれば参加したいと思います。