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Introduction of Hagar

Hi, my name is Hagar. I am from Israel. I came to travel in Japan a few years ago and fell in love with the place and so decided I have to find a way to come back. Luckily I managed to become geology graduate student here.

In Israel the most important meal of the week is the Friday night meal. As a child, every week we would meet with the extended family and have the traditional dinner together. When we grew up these meals became more versatile. Eventually they became a challenge to be creative and there was an unspoken rule to never repeat a dish. This is how I became fascinated with food and cooking. I love learning new recipes and being challenged in the kitchen, but I also love traditional cooking. I spent a lot of time cooking with my grandmother and wrote a cookbook with her.
Israel is a new country and is based on immigrants from many different places, and this is reflected in the food. Israeli cuisine is all about the fresh produce. The food is colourful and light. Please join me at my home and we can enjoy Israeli food together!


Introduction of Hagar by Tadaku




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    Mar 2017

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    Mar 2017

    Thank you so much for sharing Israeli cuisine and culture. Every meals are based lots of roots around Middle East and Eastern Europe, so I really enjoyed them. I'm interested in Shakushuka and I really wanted to learn it. Now I could know how to cook it! Thank you so much, Hagar!
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    Mar 2017

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    Sep 2016

    ★ Pick up レビュー There were many dishes than I expected. Each dishes come from many place as Hagar-san said in her profile and it's surely interesting point of Israeli dishes. Also I was surprised at there were no meat or fish but still delicious enough. Especially, I love tomato spicy dip and Tabbuouleh Salad. Thank you for the lesson and talk!
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    Sep 2016

    ★ Pick up レビュー I really appreciate everything what you have done for us. You prepared so many things for our lesson today, thank you so much! I really enjoyed and I was a very lucky person to be able to get acquainted with warm-hearted wonderful lady from Israel. And additionally you are living in the place quite near from my town... that's amazing! And today I learned something what I didn't learn from my rabbitzin... that was just how to make humus from the first. And also the egg salad was also good because I have never try to learn about Russian food. I think the culture of Israel is the complex of all nations. Thus it's very interesting to know more about Israeli stuffs something like food or something... though. Maybe... hopefully we can have the next gathering before the Hanukah!! But before the celebration of Hanukah I wish you "Shana Tova" and have a great time in Japan. See you soon! Chavele