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Introduction of Grace



Hi! I am Grace and I just love food, don't you?

Nigerian food is something that until you taste it, you may not understand the sumptousness contained in the complexity of flavors that is in a single meal.

I enjoy cooking different Nigerian meals for people so they can taste the various cultural treasure trove each meal contains. So let's have a great time exploring Nigeria's diverse cultures as we enjoy the act of creating delicious food together.



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    May 2018

    We really enjoyed cooking, talking and NigeriaChampion 'Jollof Rice' !! It was so nice and you taught us in easy to understand. I would like to take your lesson again. Thanks to you and host house madam!! レシピを印刷して用意くださってますし、基本は日本語を使ってわかりやすく説明してくださいます。再現性も高いと思います!また、ご自宅を使わせてくださったホストのご友人もとても親切な善い方でした。ありがとうございました。
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    May 2018

    とっても楽しかったです! また会えるのを楽しみにしてます! Thank you:)
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    Mar 2018

    I had good oportunity to learn about Nigeria. Thank you!
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    Nov 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー 楽しかったです。ナイジェリアは未知の国でしたが、少し身近に感じられるようになった気がします。日本のご友人のお家でしたので、ご友人も加わって下さいましたので、英語が得意でなくてもある程度カバーして下さると思います。マギーやペッパースープのパウダーなど、珍しい食材を試してみたい方にお勧めです。
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    Nov 2017

    Thank you for a wonderfull time. The teacher and the teacher's Japanese friend are very attractive, and I was allowed to spend a really fulfilling time. I'm also looking forward to a another recipe lesson!