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Introduction of Gary

Hello everybody !

My name is Gary, and I come from Paris, France. I have lived all my life in Paris before moving to Tokyo in 2016.

I've started cooking very early, and learned many dishes with my family. As France is in the middle of many different countries, our food culture has been influenced by Germany, Spain, and Italy, so don't be surprised to find elements of those cuisine in my lessons !

I will also try to focus on dishes not very popular in Japan so you can experience new tastes.

I hope you will enjoy my lessons !



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    Dec 2016

    ありがとうございました。楽しい時間でした。 クレープガレツト先生と奥様と一緒に作って美味しかった 親切に丁寧に教えて頂きフランスの話もして頂き嬉しかったです