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I'm Emrah. I'm From Turkey. I came to Japan last summer. I'm a mechanical engineer.

I'm passionate about cooking and have been cooking for years. I'm a foodie. I always try to be different and unexpected in my kitchen.

As you may already know Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world. Therefore, I would like to host you to demonstrate Turkish hospitality and a variety of tasty dishes.

I can speak little bit Japanese. So if you can't speak English, it's fine. My Japanese good enough for cooking lesson.

Looking forward to host you.



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    Feb 2018

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    Jan 2018

    トルコ料理も参加も初めてだったのでわくわくしながら参加できました。 私自身殆ど英語わからなかったので、英語がもっと解れば、コミュニケーションもとれてより楽しめたかな? と思いました。 美味しい料理とおもてなしに感謝します!
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    Jan 2018

    EMRAH san, Thank you for delicious dishes, happy conversation and hospitality. Turkish cuisine is a variety of foods in which the food culture of various areas merged. The video and music of Turkey were also wonderful. Hummus and lentil patties were so delicious for me. I will try to make them at home. Thank you very much!
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    Nov 2017

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    Nov 2017

    妹がトルコ&トルコ料理が大好きなので興味を持ち、参加しました。そして、終わった今となってはその妹の気持ちが分かります! まず料理がどれもとても美味しく大満足。そしてEMRAHさんはとても親切で分かりやすく教えてくださいました。調理中に流していただいたトルコの風景のムービーもとても美しく、次の海外旅行はぜひトルコに行きたい気分です。 It was very yummy!!!! Thank you for today, I really appreciated your time.
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    Oct 2017

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    Oct 2017

    Thank you for today Emrah-san. Every dish were so good, especially hummus!! Fresh one was totally different from frozen one. I would say that the atmosphere was so nice thanks to the others.
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    Oct 2017

    I enjoyed it very much :)  Emrah's Turkish cuisine was so delicious and easy to cook . I want to study English more ;) Thank you for a wonderful time!
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    Oct 2017

    Thanks for your lesson! I got vigor from a good friend married couple.They seem able to re-try tonight.
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    Oct 2017

    I enjoyed Turkish local popular flavors in a relaxed mood. Some recipes are new to me but all the dishes came out tasty, easy to make and nice to share. I liked especially bread and shrimps, will definitely try home again. Thank you!
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    Oct 2017

    All dishes were great! Bought some ingredients on my way back. Thank you for the cooking session!
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    Sep 2017

    It was my first time to have Turkish meal. Emrah san showed and told how to cook and it was easy to learn. Also the food was beautiful! I assume the Japanese loves this taste for sure. It was also good when he talked about his hometown in Turky. We never expect there is the beautiful city with the beaches till today. Thank you so much!!!
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    Sep 2017

    Emrah is a very warm, talented and generous host. I picked up many brilliant tips on sourcing ingredients in Tokyo. The dishes were all absolutely delicious and easy to reproduce at home. This has been my favourite Tadaku lesson so far as I picked up several new techniques while learning more about Turkish hospitality. A happy and convivial experience!
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    Sep 2017

    Thank you very much for having me Emrah, it was truly a fine experience, learning about the Turkish cuisine from you. I'm really glad that I'll be able to make hummus at home now, I hope to join another class of yours again soon :)
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    k n

    Sep 2017

    Teşekkürler görünüyor zaman. Zaman lezettli. Teşekkürler bir kez daha. Tekrar buluşalım. I can't find my wxxxx. Sorry, I can 't resist it.........    
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    Sep 2017

    Thanks a lot, I became fond of Turkish food by your well-prepared lesson! And I got an interest in Turkey which isn't just a starting point in the silk road but also a beautiful modern country with rich nature very much!
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    Sep 2017

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    Sep 2017

    Ihad good time for the class. All of the food I ate there was deliciou. Though I couldn't speak English well, he was kind to me and his explain is easy to understand. I think I try to those dishes at home. Thank you so much!
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    Sep 2017

    普段なかなか目にすることのないトルコ料理でした。 ヘルシーで、しかも美味しいので、良かったです。 参加人数も四人でちょうど良かったです。 なかなか英語で話す事が出来なかったので、個人的にはそこが課題ですね。 次回も、日程が合えば参加したいです。
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    Sep 2017

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    Aug 2017

    Emrah San, Thank you very much for your delicious dishes and hospitality. It was so nice experience to cook Turkish food together. I would like to join your another menu some day. Thank you, Tomoko
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    Aug 2017

    本日初めてタダクで初めてトルコ料理のレッスンを受けました。 とても丁寧に楽しいレッスンを受講できました。ありがとうございました。
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    Aug 2017

    英語が得意でなくても、とっても楽しく参加出来ました^ ^ お料理も美味しかったです。 デザートも最高でした。 ありがとうございました。
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    Aug 2017

    駅から近く分かりやすかったです。 料理と食事のあとにトルコ珈琲占いを丁寧にして下さり、とっても楽しかったです。占いをプロフィールに加えた方が人気が確実にでると思いました。
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    Aug 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー 奥様とご一緒に一年前に日本へいらしたEMRAHさん、現在日本語を勉強中。物腰の柔らかい方で、トルコのことも色々教えて頂きました。料理もステップ毎に丁寧に教えて下さり、わかりやすかったです。味もおそらく多くの日本人の口に合う優しい味付けです。どれも家で自分で作ろうと思います。また別のメニューで参加させて頂きます。
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    Aug 2017

    初めてのトルコ料理教室で、会話もお料理も上手くいくかドキドキしていましたが、先生がとても優しく丁寧に教えてくださったので、とても素敵な時間を過ごせました。ファーストドリンクに出して頂いたレモネードと、LENTIL PATTIESはとても美味しくて大好物になりました!また、トルコの食材やお菓子、飲み物など、トルコのお話もたくさん聞けて楽しかったです。また、別のメニューで参加したいです!ありがとうございました︎
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    Jul 2017

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    Jun 2017

    Thank you very much for your lesson yesterday. I'm not good at cooking, but it was not a problem thanks to your explicit instructions. I really enjoyed talking and cooking with you and other members. I had great time there. I'll try to cook your menu in a few days. Thanks again!
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    Jun 2017

    It was a great time. Emrah-san is very friendly and loves Turkish food and the culture. I enjoyed very well.
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    Jun 2017

    Thank you for giving such wonderful lesson. Every dish was so tasty that we got so full~ The Musakka was amazing! Can't wait to try to reproduce it. Looking foreward to your other lesson.
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    May 2017

    I really enjoyed your cooking and had a wonderful time with you and your partner! You told us the diversity of Turkish cuisine, which was intriguing! I like your Humus. It was a nice sensation when I tasted it, because I hadn’t expected it was slightly sweet! Thank you so much and see you again!
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    May 2017

    I appreciate you accept to participate your lesson with child. I cooked turky first time,I was fascinated by Turkish cuisine. Especially humus add sweet potatoes is so delicious! Even foodstuffs I can make turkish cuisine easy. And thanks to you I was able to know what kind of country Turkey is. It is also attractive not only to cook but also the culture and values ​​of the country.
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    May 2017

    Emrah san, thank you for your lesson yesterday. Everything we made was very delicious and I enjoyed the time a lot! It was also interesting to get to know about Turkish food and culture. Looking forward to joining your new class in the near future.
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    May 2017

    Thank you sooo much for having us today!It was the first time to eat and cook Turkish cuisine for me.We really enjoyed talking, cooking and eating! I definitely take your another lesson.
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    Apr 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー 事前の準備もして下さっていて、いろいろなお料理を段取りよく教えていただけました。お友達のおうちでキッチンに立つようなリラックスした雰囲気で、楽しい時間でした。新しいメニューが出たら次回も参加したいと思います。ありがとうございました!