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Introduction of Coco

I was born and raised in HK. After I graduated from Kennedy Town Government Secondary School, I had further education in Vancouver Canada in early 90’s with a career appointment in PR department of a famous jewellery group. I came back to HK and met Mr. Komatsumoto, an international marriage lead me to merge with different culture and by Mr. Komatsumoto’s career the couple had been living in HK and Shanghai for a quarter of century. I’m passionately obsessed with culinary training and development, specializes in health and simple cuisine with HK characteristic. I had moderated over 100 cooking classes in HK and Shanghai, more than 600 participants with the nationality of Japanese¸ Chinese¸Philipino¸ American, Dutch, Germen and Mexican. I started to live in Tokyo since Mr. Komatsumoto relocate back to Japan, I’m looking forward to share my International experience by HK cuisine cooking class with you!



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    Sep 2019

    Thanks for teaching me nice recipes today! They are easy to make it. Especially I like radish cake called “daikonmochi “ in Japanese. Thank you again.