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Introduction of Carlos


I'm from Mexico City ,I raised with the flavors and aromas of the Mexican cuisine, my father a chef and my mother an extraordinary cook. I had the opportunity to work at Mexican restaurants in Canada and now I have the fortune to own a Mexican restaurant in Tokyo. My Mom is visiting me for 6 months. We both have the passion of cooking and we will love to share the taste and great culture of mexico with you ,please join us and experience the authentic and traditional food of mexico in Japan ,the best of all is that you will share it too with your love ones, that will be our main satisfaction.

Here is our restaurant website address at Harajuku if you want to visit us there too.


Looking forward in meeting you at our cooking lessons.

Hasta pronto!


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    Oct 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー Great taste with simple ingredients! Carlos-san will show you how to prepare typical Mexican food at home. His pleasant personality is also a big plus. Gracias, Carlos-san. My husband and I had a good time with you. Hope to see you again soon! シンプルな材料でとてもおいしい料理が出来上がり、感動しました。メキシコ料理を家でどのように作ればよいか教えてくれます。カルロスさん自身の明るい性格もまた魅力的です。また近々お邪魔したいです。
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    Sep 2017

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    Nov 2016

    初めてのメキシカンでしたが、とても美味しくて、メキシコの独特の食材の勉強にもなり良かったです。先生も先生のママもとてもいい方で、楽しい時間を過ごせました!早速アマゾンでグリーントマトの缶詰とCHIPOTLE を注文したので、家で作ってみます。次のメニューもぜひ参加したいです。 Thank you so much for good time Every food is so delicious ! I ordered green tomato and chipotle yesterday by amazon I will try Mexican Food this weekend
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    Nov 2016

    Thanks so much for fun lesson with u and your mom. I love Mexican food but I didn't know how to cook...I know how to cook Mexican food.Definitely I will try to cook at home! Hopefully see u soon.:)