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Introduction of Ben

I was born and grew up in the city of Oxford, famous for the "dreaming spires" of its historic university.

My father was born in Rome and as a child I spent many long summers in Italy, absorbing the art, history and of course, the food.

I have lived in Japan for nearly seven years and have many interests. I particularly enjoy traditional crafts and have just started taking Japanese pottery classes.

I've learnt so much living in Japan that I would love to be able to share some of my own British food and culture with you!



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    Jan 2017

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    Oct 2016

    Ben san, thank you so much for a great meal , good lesson and your warm hospitality. I and my friend really enjoyed it. Before coming to this lesson, I had no idea about British food, but your comfort food really amazed me. Personally, I love the leek soup most and definitely will try to make it again at home. Also, I love your bread recipe as it is very simple and delicious(especially when eating with your salty butter). I do recommend this lesson for people who want to try authentic home-made British food.
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    Jun 2016

    ★ Pick up レビュー Ben-san, thank you very much for the lesson! I enjoyed a lot as I was impressed with the delicious food, friendly people in the class and most of all your hearty hospitality. It was fun to cook together, so I thank you for letting us help you in every process. It was the happiest class I've ever had, I'm sure! I am looking forward to meeting you at the next lesson. See you then :)