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Introduction of Azmaree

Hello! It's Azmaree from Bangladesh. I have been living in Portisland, Kobe with my husband and my baby boy for last 1 year. My husband is a Doctoral Student (Hakase) in Kobe University and I am a housewife with some free times .I love to cook and its my passion.

Bangladesh is a country of festivals. Food is an integral part of the festivals. The cuisines of Bangladesh consist of an amazing blend of spices, rice, meat, fish and sweets. Our cuisine is similar to Indian cuisine but we have our own style. In Japan I don't find any Bangladeshi restaurant. Our rich cuisine has always been well appreciated by foreigners who visit our country. So I would like to take the opportunity to showcase some of the exotic,famous and traditional dishes of my country among the interested Japanese.

I would like to welcome you with a warm heart to be my guest and enjoy several month watering dishes, prepared considering the unique and rich taste of the Japanese people and have some fun while having a conversation.



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    Nov 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー チニグラ米を使った、バングラディシュのビリヤニを習いました。 Azmareeさんの手際の良さ・丁寧な説明は、まるで料理番組を見ているかのよう!事前準備もばっちりされていて見惚れるほどのものでした。今まで受けてきたTadakuのレッスンの中で群を抜いて素晴らしかったです。品数も多く実の詰まった3時間でした。また参加したいです!
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    Nov 2017

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    Oct 2017