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Introduction of Asha

Konnichiwa/Namaskar (Greetings from India),I am Asha, born and brought up in the capital New Delhi which is also famous for its exotic street food. I am in Japan for past 6 years, being a delhite I am a born foodie who loves to eat and cook delicious food. We often invite our friends and colleagues at our place to enjoy Indian dishes. Being a multi culture rich country, we are gifted with a wide variety of cuisines. For every occasion we have something special to cook and enjoy the moment. Here in Tokyo I've discovered the Japanese food is very healthy as it's largely based on sea food however being a vegetarian we can enjoy very few dishes With that being said there art of presenting food is a thing to be praised. Being a housewife and with small family, iam obliged to offer the healthy and delicious food for my family hence my cooking style based on the fresh and healthy yet maintaining the joy of taste in it. Mostly I can cook North Indian delicacy which includes; The very famous, Dal-Makhani, Shahi-Paneer, Rajma (kidney beans) Chola Bhatura and the list is very long I am equally efficient in making Indian Traditional sweet dishes and can bake very nice cakes which is second to none. Therefore I am really excited to be a part of your food venture. Kindly give me a chance to serve you the best of Indian Food experience. Thankyou



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    Oct 2018

    Thank you so much Asha san. We joined the lesson for Tadaku first time.We had a good experience for learning Indian food,spices and herbs. You took Indian herbs from your kitchen garden to show us. This is quite interesting for us! And also we talked about own family, spend a good time. We hope to see you again!
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    Oct 2018

    Thank you Asha! I’m not good at cooking but I really enjoyed the lesson. It was nice to talk with you, too.
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    Sep 2018

    Kadhi Pakoraを食べたことがないので気になって参加しました。ネットで検索してみると海外サイトにはいっぱい出てくるので世界的にはポピュラーな料理のようですが、先生自身も日本のレストランで見たことがないようで、おそらく日本ではこのレッスンでしか体験できないと思います。乳製品以外は動物性のものは一切使わないビーガン料理ですが、カレーなので決して淡泊な味わいではなく、しかも日本人になじみの食材・料理を連想させるようなところもあり、インド料理のバリエーションの広さを知りました!控えめな辛さですが、私が辛い物好きであることを伝えると、あの辛い食材のピクルスを出して頂け、こちらも初めての体験!先生の英語のわかりやすさだけでなく、日本語も勉強されているので、安心して質問もできました。tadakuのインド料理のレッスンは多いですが、キットここでしか体験できない内容でした!
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    Nov 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー Thank you Asha-san for hosting such a nice lesson. It was easy to follow and all the food were delicious! My friends also had a great time learning new dishes. We look forward to joining another lesson soon. Hope to see your lovely daughter again too!!