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Introduction of Valerian

I'm a teacher of English and French, and I like sharing :)

I enjoy cooking, especially sweet things such as desserts (I love chocolate *-* ), but of course also starters and main dishes. I usually cook things that are not too time consuming nor costly.
I love sushi and katsudon, and I prefer going to the restaurant instead of cooking them (which requires skills and experience when it comes to sushi).



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    Oct 2016

    パピヨットとガトーショコラレッスン。とても可愛くてオシャレなレシピ。ワインがすすむ美味しいお料理。 Valerianご夫妻も気さくで優しくて話にハナが咲き(*^^*)とても楽しい時間でした。次のメニューも楽しみにしてます。
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    Oct 2016

    I enjoyed learning and eating your cooking! It was nice to seeing your wife, too:) Hopefully I can join the next one~
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    Oct 2016

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    Oct 2016

    Thank you so much for organizing a lesson today! I enjoyed a lot learning cooking and French culture, and all of the food are delicious. I'm looking forward to joining your other lessons.