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Introduction of Marenda

Hello everyone! My name is Marenda and I'm from the beautiful island Jamaica. I came to Japan in March 2012 to teach English and I fell in love so I am still here. I developed the love for cooking from an early age because my mom was always working and I am the only girl out of four children. I have done some culinary courses in university and worked as a line cook in America for two summers at Hard Rock Cafe and Walt Disney World Pop Century Resort.

Jamaica has one of the best cuisine the world has ever tasted. We use bold flavours and our cooking is very colourful. So, I would like to share our awesome and tasty dishes with people all over Japan. I enjoy cooking for people and having dinner parties. It makes me so happy when people taste my dishes and keep coming back for more. I think that the secret ingredient to tasty and enjoyable dishes is LOVE. So I always cook from the HEART :)

It is difficult for me to choose a favourite food because I love so many dishes. My top three dishes are: Ackee and Saltfish, Curry Chicken and Rice & Peas with Oxtail. I am looking forward to meeting you and learning about Japanese cooking too. Let's enjoy cooking together and make great memories!!!! See you soon!!!!



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    Mar 2017

    ★ Pick up レビュー とても楽しくジャマイカ料理と文化、そして英語を学ぶことができました。料理を始める前に、ジャマイカの映像を一緒に見て、直接話を聞けたのですが、なかなか直接話を聞けることはないので、貴重な体験だったし、とても興味深く面白かったです。同じ調味料でも、使う分量が日本とは違い、それもまたとても興味深かったです。また参加したいです。
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    Mar 2017

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    Oct 2016

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    Oct 2016

    初めて参加しました。 英語は全くと言っていいほど、話せない私だけど、楽しい時間を過ごす事が出来ました♬ジャマイカ料理とっても美味しかった
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    Oct 2016

    Thanks for special time. It was a very nice experience. And,It was a very tasty dish.