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Introduction of Arael

Hi everyone! My name is Arael and I am originally from the heartland of the United States: Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up cooking every night with my mother and two sisters, and, while none of us were particularly good at it back then, I always loved the social aspect of both cooking and eating. Through college and beyond I have steadily expanded my culinary horizons and sharpened my techniques, as I too have become a mother, and have started sharing my passion with my (very eager) daughters. While I was raised on midwestern cuisine, I've lived in most parts of the country: from Alaska to Florida, New York to California, and many places in between, and learned many things along the way. I'd love to meet you and share cooking and eating experiences with you!



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    Nov 2018

    It was my first Thanksgiving lunch, those were soo tasty! I had great experience. thank you very much. アメリカの家庭をとても感じられる完全なオール英語のクラスでした。
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    Nov 2018

    Your recipe is perfect!! It was the most delicious Thanksgiving lunch that I have ever eaten!! I'd love to take your lesson again, thank you so much!
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    Nov 2018

    Thank you for your class. It was really good opportunity to learn American cuisines and I enjoyed it. I had no idea to use chicken soup stock to mashed potatoes! I want to have another class to expand my recipes.
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    Tomomi - kobayashi

    Nov 2018

    Thank you for today!! I had fun:)
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    Oct 2016

    Today we have a good time,thank you!
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    Oct 2016

    Thank you Arael for today's lesson. I had awesome time!!! とても気さくな方で、楽しくクッキング出来ました。また参加したいと思います♬
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    Oct 2016

    Arael is an energetic, pleasant, organized and welcoming host. Her house on spacious Yokota base made us feel like we were actually invited to her house in the US. The menu was delicious, very good classic comfort American food. It was fun cooking together and share experiences with other people attended as well. I look forward to taking more classes with Arael. Thank you!
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    Oct 2016

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your wonderful class.It was really nice to meet you and joined your class.It's such a good opportunity to learn about the American cuisine you have illustrated so I enjoyed so much!! I'm looking forward to attending your cooking lesson 2 :)
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    Oct 2016

    Thank you for teaching me an American sandwich and cookie! Those are simple, but delicious. And not so difficult to cook. I try to cook them again with my daughter! I really enjoy to your lesson with your little angels. I am looking forward to seeing you again!
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    Oct 2016

    Thank you for today. I enjoyed cooking and talking. At first I was a little bit nervous because I t was my first class, but I'm glad that I took part in! I hope see you again ^^