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Introduction of Amira

I am a girl and according to our Egyptian culture, Egyptian girls are responsible for cooking to their families. I used to cook daily in my country for myself and for other members of my Family. When I came to Japan , I used to cook to my friends and my colleagues in university and they were happy from my delicious food. I was inviting to my house from 3 to 6 guests per once. Also, I have invited several times to cook in meetings related to culture exchange here in Japan.

Simple woman with simple brain.

Loving people is one of my favorite character. I am inviting all of you to come and share me in making a beautiful and delicious Egyptian dishes in my home.



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    Mar 2017

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    Feb 2017

    She is a good teacher and kindness. I enjoyed Egyptian cuisine. I had a lot of precious experiences. I want to learn more Egyptian cuisine from she.
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    Jan 2017

    とても馴染みやすいお人柄の先生で雰囲気よく時を過ごせました。 言葉を超えたコミュニケーションは貴重な楽しい時間でした。 大好きなエジプト料理を自ら作り、食せたことは貴重な体験で嬉しきことでした。
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    Dec 2016

    Thank you for your cooking class. It's a very interesting culture and delicious Kushari and Basbousa.Inshara! see you again.